Air Con Servicing

The weather of Singapore is one that its heat seems to be skyrocketing. Hence there is a constant need for air-conditioners in our sunny island from home to office and definitely when we commute in our car. A/C has become an essential appliance in every home in Singapore. 

Benefits of a operational Air con systems includes:

  • Efficiency in reducing the in-car temperature to a comfortable level on exceedingly hot days, without having a 70km/hour hot wind buffeting you and being unable to hear the radio or your passengers because of the wind-noise. 
  • Cleaner, fresher air with low Relative Humidity will enhance driver awareness and help prevent drowsiness making your journeys and those of your loved ones safer over long distances as drivers are able to remain fresh and alert.
  • Air coming into a car passes through a very cold heat-exchanger, rapidly cools down and condensate which drains out under the car. Air entering will contain dust and pollutants, but by the time the air has passed through this heat-exchanger, up to 80% of these pollutants will have been filtered out, trapped by the condensate and dripped back onto the road. Leaving you with cleaner & better air quality
  • Not known to many but by allowing all car windows to remain closed, even on the hottest days, the aerodynamics of the car remains at optimum, keeping fuel consumption low.
Most of us don’t give our air conditioner a second thought as long as it’s making cold air. But in Singapore’s super-hot climate, a faulty or weak cooling system is a extreme disaster to many. Imagine driving for an hour under the unforgiving sun without Air-conditioning. Pure torture!!

Here’s a list of possible problems you might face:

  • Air conditioner blowing warm/hot air (low refrigerant/ leaking hose)

  • Metallic noises and bearing noise (Failing compressor)
  • Funny & musty smell (moldy/ clogged air filter)
  • Feels air only on high fan mode (Condenser blockage/ cooling fans not working)
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