Regularly servicing your car, not only keeps it in tip top condition. It also saves you a lot of hassle and headache. For optimum ride experience, we recommend servicing every 30,000km. When is the last time you had your car serviced / maintained?


Amidst hot & humid Singapore, Its no wonder that your ride’s Aircon is used everyday. But do you look after it? If it emits warm air, It could mean its has low aircon gas, faulty fan motor, compressor or cooling coil. Why wait till it spoils? Send in for periodic checks to help your car keep you cool!


Fine scratches, deep groove? Discolouration after many years? Or just simply because you’re tired of the current colour? Colour of your vehicle says a lot about the owner. Drop by our service center today! We are on hand to provide adept advice & service to make your ride gleam again!

tow service

24 Hours Tow Service

Car Break down and at a lost what to do next?
Call us & we’ll make the necessary arrangements for you.

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Head Light Restoration

Fog, Blur light in the night driving is unsafe; polishing your head light can help you through out of dark and having a good and smoother driving way back home.


We understand that its a traumatic experience to get into an accident, but fret not! 1st Auto is here to help! Easily report your accident & claim your insurance (self/3rd party) with our simple form and upload images of the accident site for faster response!


Buy & Sell Car

Want to buy a car? Are you planning to sell your car?

Give us a call and we will settle and arrange it for you.

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