My first servicing in last October using Groupon voucher, very detail check by the team. Mr Yap also came to me and intro himself to during my waiting. Roy explained to me that there is leakage in the undercarriage , timing belts and spark plug require to change and quoted me a reasonable price. After the servicing, found that there is loud noise during the ride. Immediately bring my car down the following day, Roy had attended to me and settle the problem within few hours. In the end, found out that the timing belt is too tight. No complain to their after-sales or customer service, however I feel happy that they provide immediate service recovery and rectify the problem. *(as some other shops might not entertain or place you last in queue)

As I found my water temp keep increasing during idle recently. I called them on Sunday and was advise to bring my car down. So immediately went down as it is near my workplace. They found my water pipe leakage and help me to tighten it back and without hesitate, I opt for my 2nd car servicing.