My car started experiencing problems with the aircon system middle of last year. The first workshop I went helped clean-up the radiator fin, changed the filter and top-up the gas. It lasted for about 2 months. Thereafter, the same problem surfaced. I took my car to another more reputable workshop and this time, the mechanic suspect the system is alittle choked hence he recommended flushing the aircon system. This lasted about 3 months and again, the problem came back. Last Monday, I took my car to a workshop at Jurong Port Rd and the mechanic diagnosed it as a leaking fan-coil. He quoted be the replacement cost and said it will take a full-day to complete. I was a little apprehensive as it was quite costly.
A good friend then recommended me 1st Auto. When I called Roy (Service Advisor), he was very friendly and patient, explaining all possibilities and how they can help rectify this problem. He also quoted me a more reasonable cost for the replacement and said only needed about 4 hours to complete the job. I sent my car to his workshop on Tuesday noon and he explained to me what needs to be done. Checked with me the cost and agreed to proceed. As it is, they took only 4 hours to replace the parts and also shown me those they have removed from my car, sharing where the problems were.

I'm impressed with their service, cost and overall a good experience.
I strongly recommend anyone who needs help on rectifying their aircon problems to talk to Roy.
Thanks Roy.