I just want to share my experiences that I had with 1st Auto.

My Honda Civic 1.6 was getting very noisy and being a non-technical person, I did not know what was wrong with the car.

So, I asked for a workshop recommendation in the photography forum that I'm a member of. 1st Auto was recommended.

I find that the staff and boss of 1st Auto are very friendly and approachable. When they see you, the acknowledge you and come to your assistance. I visited them last Thursday to have my belt tensionerr and water pump replaced, the job was done efficiently in about 4 hours.

I visited them again 2 days later because my car vibrated quite hard when reverse gear was engaged. After Mr Yap diagnosis of the problem, he asked his mechanic to have the throttle body cleaned.The mechanic spent about 45 mins doing the job while Mr Yap and I chatted.

From the chat, I found that he has other outlets and the range of cars that he service/repairs/restore range from old 1900s vintage cars to super cars like Lambo. Wow, how's that for technical ability.

The best part was that he decided not to charge me for the throttle body cleaning. I'm really impressed with Mr Yap generosity!

I would definitely come back for my regular car servicing.